Pandemic Response Challenge Program – Call for capabilities


The Pandemic Response Challenge Program aims to support research and development collaborations between Canadian and international researchers, industry partners, and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to accelerate the development of technologies that can protect and treat Canadians affected by COVID-19 and can strengthen Canada’s readiness to respond to future pandemics.

Projects undertaken under the program build on the NRC’s innovative technologies and leverage its leading capabilities for translational research and development. To accelerate development of complete solutions to address acute clinical and public health needs, the program will recruit Canadian and international collaborators. The calls for capabilities announced below aim to seek research partners with complementary and enabling technologies, as well as industry and end-user partners to build solutions that can enable pathways to clinical adoption.

Funding is available to defray certain eligible costs for approved projects. If you have a technology or technological capability that is relevant to one of the active calls set out above, submit a statement of interest before the closing date using the form provided below.

Select respondents may be invited to apply for funding directly or as part of a subsequent call for proposals.

Open Calls for capabilities

  • There are currently no open calls for Statements of Interest.

Closed Calls for capabilities

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